Teen-skinactives™ was specifically created and formulated as a unique product range to work with younger teenage skins that often need to have that extra special attention to help improve the skins overall condition and treat those everyday teen skin issues such as acne/breakouts – as well as dry/dehydrated skin.
We have created a product range that not only works across all skin types but is also easy to understand and use, yet not become over-complicated.  We also wanted to ensure that our range did not contain any harsh ingredients that could either irritate or dry the skin.
Our approach is simple - to treat the skin using natural plant ingredients that not only smell great – but actually have a direct and immediate visible benefit on the skin and with continuous ongoing use help to overcome existing skin problem such as breakouts – and yet also help to protect and prevent your skin against potential new problems forming. That way you can stay confident and have one less thing to worry about and stay looking great knowing that you’re using skincare that is specially designed just for your skins everyday needs.
So if you use the correct skincare products now this will also help you to avoid potential problems in the future such as acne scarring.
Teen-skinactives™ has been developed for us by the world renowned aromatherapy skin and body care specialist Eve Taylor OBE. With over 50 years of experience in the skin profession Eve Taylor has been pioneering the use of plants extracts within skincare with great results.
Our products have also been formulated and tested for younger skins types – so that they are non-drying, non-irritating and do not contain any alcohols, mineral oils or lanolin’s or peroxides or artificial colours and fragrances as these often dry and irritate the skin.
Finally, we hope that you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating and manufacturing fantastic products for your skin.